Out of Control

I find that getting started on a project is often the most difficult part of any task, aside from finishing it. We enjoy being busy, or at least having something to do that gives us a feeling of purpose. In fact, the Bible explicitly states that the purpose of man is to glorify God. This is left somewhat open-ended, however, the Bible does say that we can glorify God by working.

Some people work best alone, and some work well with teams. Sometimes, a combination of the two works out just as well. In the Bible, there is a story of a man named Nehemiah. The walls that surrounded the town of Jerusalem had been destroyed, and the people were distressed. He told each person to build a section of the wall that was in front of their household,. Independently, they all build their section of the wall, and security was restored in a record time of 52 days.

Working in a team is great and all, but I personally can’t stand it. I enjoy having a specific visionthat I am in complete control of. If I need help, I will go out and seek it. I understand that teams are nice for diverse ideas and whatnot, but the Internet has almost taken over that role because we are all on a sort of team online. Everyone has an opinion on how the best way to accomplish something is, just like a traditional team, and it usually comes down to use the idea that has the most consensus. With a single person, the time to do this is decreased.

This does bring up the problem of abilities, since everyone can’t do anything they want. Some people are very specialized in their craft and sometimes can do only that. This kind of thinking is slowly on its way out, in my opinion, because people who can do only one thing really well are not the most efficient to hire for a job that requires someone to be good at multiple things.

My personality is one that wants to be in control of everything possible, which is not attainable. I have limits as a human in terms of how many things I can focus on and do well and it limits me. I hate it, but it keeps me in check. If I had the ability to be in control of every aspect of my life, I would probably drive myself insane. Somedays, I still feel like I’m going nuts with how many things I feel like I have to do.

I believe my biggest issue is knowing what to prioritize. I follow the 5-minute rule, but for larger tasks I tend to give all of them equal importance. This creates stress because I might have only three things to do, however, I think they are things that need to be done immediately and cannot be pushed off. When this happens, I tend to overthink and panic. It’s not enjoyable, but I am learning to correctly figure out what needs to be done today and what can be completed tomorrow with the same amount of effort and focus.