The Lamp Newspaper

About This Project

I worked as an assistant editor for my first semester for the Lamp Student Newspaper at Lincoln Land Community College. The three following semesters, I was the head editor until my graduation from LLCC in 2017. My job was to hold meetings about our bi-monthly print publication, as well manage daily uploads to the Lamp Newspaper Online via WordPress. I created layout designs for the print edition, with assistance from my news writing team, and wrote a couple articles as well.

Layout Examples

February 13, 2017 Edition

This edition had a last-minute change to it, due to a previous employee of LLCC pleading guilty to stealing $700,000 from the college. The court documents became public late at night the day before publication, so my advisor and I scrambled to write up a story and swap out the front-page story.

April 1st Edition

The Lump was the April Fool’s Day edition of The Lamp. I wrote the stolen paper story, as well as created the graphics for the academic failure, blinker fluid, and Whoopi Goldberg story.