About this Project

The Outrun aesthetic is one that I enjoy very much. Something about the 80’s style infused with a strange feeling of nostalgia makes for a terrific style. For this project, I wanted to take this aesthetic and add it a little sci-fi twist to it.

Finished Render

Finished Render

Project Changes and Progress

Originally, I wanted a still image of a car driving across a desert landscape on a dark night. After blocking off the mountains, I realized I would not have enough time to make the mountains look good, so I opted to use an HDRi map instead. In the end, I scrapped this idea due to the rather boring nature of a simple highway. I wanted to do something more exciting and more true to the outrun art style.

The large grid scene was an idea I enjoyed more, and let me get rid of the HDRi map, since I moved from the original idea all together. I messed around with the camera position and settled on a first-person pov where the camera moves around in a realistic fashion.

Work Progress Images


As with any project, troubleshooting was a major timesink. Looking up a decent camera rig that gives the impression of a real handheld camcorder was hard at times, as well as optimizing the sampling and resolution to make sure the project finished on time. I sent this project out to a render farm called Sheepit, which is a free service that sends the project to connected computers over a network so multiple machines can be working on multiple frames at the same time, instead of rendering the entire project on one local machine.

Someday, I want to come back to this project and flesh it out much more, add some more dynamic elements and have the car move around the environment instead of just driving in a straight line. Remixing and reiterating on old projects is a great learning experience that I thoroughly enjoy fixing the mistakes I made as a lesser-experienced artist.